We all use the basics key only like “Ctrl + C” or “Ctrl + V” and rarely use Alt+Tab for switch windows Tabs. So here we give you some tips and amazing shortcut keys to improve your work skills. If you lack of time in office you should use these shortcuts..

let’s start with a skill every computer maestro needs to know.

  1. Create a virtual desktop

    When you need to deal with another task immediately opening new tabs and windows will just slow down and mess up your workflow so you need a new clean desktop.
    (Windows Key + CTRL+ D) for Windows
    (CTRL + UP) for MAC
    It’ll switch to a new fresh desktop and you ready to go.

  2. Switch between virtual desktops

    The work you are doing before creating a virtual desktop and you want to get it back Just press the keys below and now you can switch between all the virtual desktops you’ve made.
    (Windows Key + CTRL) (press left and right arrow key for move desktop) for Windows and Mac
    If you want to close the new desktop just press:
    (Windows Key + CTRL + F4) For Windows
    (Option Key + X) for Mac

  3. Return to the desktop from apps

    If you have too many apps open and you need to use another one hidden behind all those windows on your desktop you don’t need to minimize them all one by one you can minimize all of them at once.
    (Windows Key + M) for mac or windows. And you can also take a peek at your desktop with the Windows Keys + comma or Command + f3 (MAC).

  4. Open an app from the taskbar

    If you want much faster access to your most apps to consider keeping them on your taskbar it’ll speed up your workflow even more if you use the following combination.
    (Windows Key + a number key from one deny each number represent an app in your taskbar)

  5. Split-Screen between two apps

    Open one app that you need for your work and press the (windows key + left arrow) then open another app and click the (windows key + right arrow) now
    two windows will be sharing your screen.

  6. Switch Apps

    If you want to switch apps fast use the shortcut keys below:
    (Alt + Tab) for Windows.
    (Command + Tab) for Mac.

  7. Program Management And Troubleshooting

    Everyone’s been there one program is stuck and won’t process anything even if you do anything or try bride it to do. so to avoid restarting your device and losing all your process try using the following combo
    (Ctrl + Shift + escape) for windows.
    (Command + Option + Escape) for MAC.

  8. Open-File Explorer

    (Windows Key + E) for windows.
    For Mac users, This is your finder app.

  9. Use The Magnifier

    (Windows Key + – or +) for windows.
    (Alt, Command + – or +) for Mac.

  10. Take ScreenShots

    (Windows Key + Print Screen) for windows.
    (Command + shift + 3) for Mac.

  11. Use Action Center

    (Windows + A) for Windows.
    There is no shortcut key for Mac.

  12. Access the settings

    (Windows Key + I) for Windows.

  13. Talk to Cortana or Siri

    (Windows Key + C) for Windows.
    (Command + Space) for Mac.

  14. Use the windows game bar

    (Windows Key + G) for Windows.
    Hide windows game bar Press (Windows + Alt + R) you can even start streaming by pushing the (Windows key + Alt + B)
    (shift + Command + 5) for Mac.

  15. Lock Down Your PC

    (Windows Key + L) for Windows.
    (shift + Command+ Q) for Mac.

Use the key to speed up your work speed.



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