When we are concerned about securing mobiles from Intruders we have app locks for Android phones available which can do our job. There are too many apps locks available on Play Store for Android which can keep your mobile safe and secure from unauthorized access.

Best App Locks for Android

Here we have listed out some of the best app locks for Android mobiles available on Google Play Store.

  1. AppLock App Locker: It is one of the best Android apps to lock mobiles to keep our apps and personal data safe and secure.
    After installation, we can set a pin, pattern or password. You can also set a Fingerprint password if you like in this application.
    This app allows us to customize the background of the lock screen. This can also hide photos and videos from Gallery.
  2. Norton App Lock: This app is made by antivirus software giant Norton. This Norton App Lock is an app which can lock your other applications and personal information in the apps available on your Android mobile. You can also set a password, PIN or pattern lock to lock your apps. It can also protect your photos and videos from unauthorized access by locking them in a vault.
  3. CM AppLock: CM App lock is an app which protects your mobile app and data. It also makes you safe from virus and much other malware’s. It can also clean up mobile to increase the speed of the mobile device. For locking the screen you can set pin, pattern, password and fingerprint lock. Like every other app, it can also protect personal data such as photos and videos. It can also take the picture of the person who enters the wrong password on your mobile. You can also set theme and change the color scheme of the background of the app.
  4. KeepSafe: Keepsafe is one of the Best App Lock for Android. It also likes other android app lockers offers to lock apps using pin, pattern or fingerprint.
  5. MaxLock: It is one of the best App Lock for Android which can protect your Android mobile. It offers the Fake crash feature which is an important feature of the MaxLock

When you leave your mobile for charging or when anyone else has access to your mobile and you don’t want them to have access to all of your apps then app lock is surely a must go app for you. You can try all of the above and choose as per your choice.

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