As internet technology has started booming internet-based scams, frauds have also erupted. In order to be safe from these threats, one needs to be security savvy as well. It may happen to anyone because we all use mobile, computers, laptops and no of Internet-based devices we use in our daily life is increasing day by day. In order to make ourselves safe from any threat, we need to learn how to avoid scams. Here are some tips which we can follow.

  1. Use Unique and Complex password: If you have multiple accounts use different passwords for different accounts. And it all should be of complex character mixed with numerals. If you can’t remember you can take help of the password manager.
  2. Connect only to secure network: when you are connected to any public internet connection make sure it’s safe.
  3. Use a Firewall: in order to stop any unauthorized access to your devices use a firewall.
  4. Use recovery phone Number: if you forget your password or lost account access and want to regain recovery phone or email will help you to have it back to you.
  5. Share less information: If any website is asking for too much information make sure it’s trusted. Besides this don’t share too much personal information on social media. Share only those information which you think are necessary even that to trusted sources.
  6. Be smart stay updated: don’t click any SMS, email, link which have come from unknown sources. Don’t download anything from unauthorized websites or untrusted sources. These were few tips to make you safe but new things come up every day so stay updated be safe.

As the discussion of data & privacy is on high, we should be very careful while sharing our information with anyone. We don’t have any idea how that data is going to be used and for how long. Nothing can protect our data and privacy until we are careful. So be careful and stay updated.


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