Recently e-commerce giant Amazon said it’s working on a project called Project Kuiper, to launch internet satellites into orbit to provide high-speed internet access to every point and people across the globe. Amazon’s launch of internet satellites will connect billions of people around the world.

The company has not declared any timeline or cost estimates to make it happen. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is also doing a similar project. Global internet is an opportunity for Amazon to enter into the internet service business.
Although the internet has boomed in today’s world there is a large portion of the world population that’s not connected to the internet. Connecting these people to the internet is connecting them to the global economy.

Amazon internet connectivity

The Amazon said in a statement that it wants to provide internet connectivity to those who have not been served internet and are behind the linen across the globe. If everyone gets access to the internet then it will double the market for e-commerce, cloud, internet and every other business related to internet
As per estimates, it will add 4 billion new customers.
Amazon is a publicly traded company which means shareholders will have a share in this new venture of internet satellites by Amazon
Amazon has already started working for internet satellites by building AWS Ground Station to build satellites facilities. OneWeb, SpaceX, Boeing are the major players of internet networks besides Amazon. Amazon can mingle internet access with other services to make it more meaningful alongside internet broadband network.

We hope Amazon’s entry will make internet access available to everyone who has been left out at present.


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