We’ve got the dates for apples next event we’re breaking down everything we’re expecting to see right here.

The first Date to look out for March 25th now it does seem a little bit early to be getting invites for our March event but according to BuzzFeed sources this is when Apple is set to hold its big event at the steve jobs theater in its Cupertino headquarters just know then until we see those invites I for one I’m taking this one with a grain of salt we’ve definitely been expecting a spring event from apple so this should come as no surprise especially considering last year’s iPad event was on March 27th, 2018 so right around same time but what is surprising is that this year’s event wouldn’t feature any Ipads or hardware of any sort for that matter according to the report the headliner for this event would be apple’s news service again another one we saw coming this one is supposed to be a monthly subscription in apple’s news app of about $10 a month which would give you access to a bunch of different news outlets.

The Netflix as news as it’s being referred to the New York Times Washington Post and Wall Street Journal have all been rumored to be in talks with Apple to be part of the service but according to a Wall Street Journal report this deal may go south because apples asking to keep 50% of the revenue which doesn’t really seem like a very good deal for the actual content creators but even if they’re able to reach the agreement and launch this thing by March 25th there are a few other things that seem a little bit suspect to me starting with the fact that 25th is a Monday and Apple tends to favor Tuesday for its big launch events more importantly why would Apple host a launch event based solely on an extension of Apple news now a standalone launch event would more sense at least to me if that were to bundle it with their big video streaming service announcement which apparently is also a possibility according to this new Bloomberg report.
The greek blood site discovered by 95 mac seems to suggest Apple will unveil new iPad’s air pods and that airpower mapped on a March 29th launch event Friday.

let’s talk about the other two products the tiny little air pod sequels might just be the most anticipated Apple product of 2019 well of many of you least judging by the comment so it’s no surprise there’s been plenty of rumors about them over the last few weeks last we are heard we were gonna get the full makeover complete with the biometric sensors noise canceling new colors and wireless charging case before the summer but actually air pod’s – wouldn’t come until the September launch event this year alongside new iPhones as an apple watch which is kind of a bummer but he does go on to mention he’s not a hundred percent sure he can vouch for his sources go there may still be hope to get those brand new year pods sooner than that the other product that’s more matter of when at this point is a new iPad or in this cause multiples there are clues hidden in the iOS 12.2 code and there’s the fact that Apple has already registered them in the Eurasian Economic Commission. We are definitely getting is new software updates iOS 13 with that rumored dark mode on the iPhone, September launch event which we all know by now new iPhones maybe an apple watch series five and those air pods – and that’s not even the end of it needless to say we’re just getting warmed up that does it for our blog today but as always you can keep up with the latest Apple news and rumors on TrendRays.com


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