Apple is launching its own credit card called Apple card in summer 2019. This is not a bank card but we will be able to do all the transactions which we do with our bank credit cards. Apple is launching these cards. As per Apple it’s simple, transparent and will protect our privacy. It will charge very less interest. We can do transactions with a physical credit card designed by Apple or with our iPhone in hand. This will be available from this summer. I want to use it you will have to just Sign Up to Apple Pay and start using it in your iPhone. You can have a detailed view of your transactions and spending which could give an idea where you spendings go. For every transaction, you will get some money back in your Apple Wallet. Every different category transaction will have a different color. You can see everything as a bar chart and it will give you a fair idea to control your expenses. It will not have any hidden fee or late, annual or maintenance fees.

Apple launched three other services which are news and magazine subscription service (Apple News Plus), original content streaming (Apple TV Plus) and a gaming subscription platform(Apple Arcade).

You could have your Apple credit card with no fee. Every transaction will be verified with either Touch or Face ID, and all details of the card are stored in your iPhone. Apple physical card which will be offered to you is made up of titanium. There’s no card number, CVV or signature on the card. Apple Card will be coming to the Wallet app ‘this summer’ for the US. It will be powered by Mastercard, so will be able to use it across the globe.


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