Looking for financing your Ford automobile? you can do it directly through your dealer from Ford Credit, to make your dream come true. Contact your dealer for financing for your auto loan.

Loan or Lease with Ford Credit:

For financing or a lease agreement of Ford Credit, you first contact an authorized Ford dealer. Before that, you can visit Ford Credit Website and have a look at what offers they have. All of your transactions and processing will be done through a Ford dealer. Its very simple to get qualified for an auto loan from Ford Credit. You can buy a brand new or second-hand car using Ford Credit. You don’t need a high credit score to get an auto loan approved.

It’s good to know how Ford operates when it comes to financing through the dealer from Ford Credit. Here are some of the terms you should know before initiating any process.

Interest Rates

Interest rates depend on a number of factors viz the type of car you want to buy if it’s new or used and your own credit score and history will determine an interest rate for your auto loan.


In most of the cases, terms on auto loans vary from 24 months to 84 months and sometimes could be longer. Ford Credit is offered for this duration. Your loan offer based on your credit score will decide your monthly payment. The bigger your loan amount, the longer will be your loan term for optimal monthly payment.


There are some other fees associated with your car loan through dealer financing viz dealer fees or processing fees. So be sure before signing on the application form for loan processing.


There is nothing such as financing limits but how much you can have a loan will depend on your credit history and other factors.

It’s very easy and convenient to take a loan and a car from the same place. So Ford Credit makes your car buying fast and easy. You will have to take care of attempts to get you to buy extras and service contracts by sales managers. These extra costs may make your loan more expensive for you.

If you’ve decided to buy a car and if you have a good credit history and negotiating experience Ford Credit is an overall good option to fulfill your dream.


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