Google Chrome browser is one of the best browsers to use because of the ability to use chrome extensions that gives amazing browsing experience to its users. It adds extra features to your chrome browser making web browsing easy and productive. Here we have listed out some of the chrome extensions to make browsing faster and better. Some of these chrome extensions are also compatible with other browsers as well.
Here are chrome extensions to make browsing awesome.

Best chrome extensions

  1. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder: It is one of my favorite screen video recorders. It is used by millions of user to record screen or to take screenshots. It can capture partial or whole webpage. You can also trim and crop screenshots
  2. LastPass: Password managers are a must these days as the number of websites we use is increasing. We can not keep a single password for all the websites and it is also very tough to remember all the passwords. A password manager helps us create passwords that are different for different websites & stores it for fast login to the websites.
  3. Momentum: Momentum creates a to-do list, nice backgrounds, and inspirational quotes when you open a new tab. Then you also can add your bookmark bar. It boosts you with positive energy to start your work on your PC
  4. Speed Dial 2: This chrome extension replaces the new tab with dashboards, wallpapers, task lists. If you want fast access to your favorite websites you can organize all your pages and apps into groups. You can also customize the theme and layout of the new tab.
  5. Grammarly: Besides browsing websites, downloading and online shopping the next thing we do the most is typing. Typing emails, writing articles & chatting with friends online actually it’s a lot of typing when we are online and thus typing errors occur. Grammarly is an extension that will check your spelling and grammar as we type on different web pages and apps.

There are other useful chrome extensions which could be useful. It totally depends on the kind of task you do the most online. You can search for chrome extensions for your related task. These were the chrome extension which is useful to everyone and can make the browsing faster and amazing.

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