From today onwards Pokemon GO players have a whole new bad level 5 Raid Boss to hunt and add to their wishlist. Dialga is a very tough Steel- and Dragon-type Pokemon. Players will love to get time to play with their team to defeat the new boss.

Dialga is going to be in Raids for the month of March, So you players have a lot of time to find your new target. Get ready for the game, as dialga is strongest Fighting- and Ground-type monster.

Fighting with Ground-types was easy in for previous raid boss so if you have brushed up you may find it easy and comfortable to fight for. Those who are sta from beginner they should start with Breloom, Hariyama, Lucario, Heracross, and Toxicroak

We should also note it down that that if it is sunny outside it’s going to have affect over game. Be ready to adjust your roaster.

There are Pokemon which are easily beatable but these are for those who does not want to have any major trouble. In order to defeat Battle raid play with your buddies.

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