Facebook made an announcement at F8 2019 developers conference that it has redesigned its Facebook app. Which has made it fast and clean The updated version of Facebook is called version “FB5”. In this redesigned Facebook app the color of the app is not blue anymore. You can check out the new “FB5” version of the app, which has been launched for users. The redesigned Facebook app is quite similar to facebook messenger. Facebook messenger has a white background. Facebook is one of the widely used social media websites which is used across the globe and has everything users need to be connected internet. It has Chatting, Articles, Groups, Pages, Events, Games and many more. Some of these features are intact in the new updated version. Some of the features are updated regularly to make these features more useful to its users.

This new updated Facebook version has brought Facebook groups to the forefront of the app. Here you can see feeds and can subscribe to new groups. The Events tab has also been updated and will let you know about happenings around you. Facebook has also taken some steps to show you local businesses, this feature may be an alternative to Google my business which also shows local businesses.

Facebook has updated the group tab in a way that it will show you recommendations from all kinds of group. In the feed, you will see the contents from the groups you have subscribed. And you can share your news feed content directly to your Facebook groups. Facebook has made these changes to focus the user’s attention on groups. The new updated and the redesigned Facebook app has a smoother user interface and have changed its appearance.

To take a look at the updated features of the redesigned Facebook app you can download and try for yourself.


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