Future of artificial intelligence and Its Effect on human life: Artificial intelligence is the next big revolution in the field of science. As technology is evolving it is said that computers will be more intelligent than humans. It has been a practice since the human race started to find out the way to solve a problem and to do the things in an easier way. As the data and information getting bigger on every subject it is impossible for humans to remember and act accordingly. No human can compete with the computer today. The mobile and laptop which we have are getting smarter and intelligent day by day.

What it will be in the future can be easily predicted by looking at the past not far when human were doing everything manually in every field of life. But look now from our kitchen appliances to the airplane to satellites. Everything is becoming independent. As the technology is becoming stronger every Devices and gadget we use getting closer to less human interaction for it’s working. daily life on its effect on our daily life.

As AI is going to be the next future it could be programmed to do good and the bad job as well which means it will assist humans and could be a cause of the problem as well if programmed opposite. As we can easily understand by an example that self-driving car will reduce the chances of accident and thus it will save lives, but if programmed or hacked or something else could result taking you somewhere else without your wish. This could happen to robots as well which can help us at many places and many ways, but what if it’s stops listening to you or does opposite what you say.

Thus we can easily understand that AI is very powerful and will assist humans in getting the hard and toughest job done. Will reduce time and increase efficiency. But it needs to be operated and designed in such a way that its good work can give maximum possible results with less harm if used wrongly.



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