What is Teer game? – Teer Result

Teer game is a traditional game played by archers majorly across Guwahati, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Manipur in India. “Thoh Tim” was traditional name among locals. Teer game is very popular in North East India. Teer game has got govt licenses as well in some of the states. The archers in teer game throw their arrow on the teer game target and people choose a lucky number between 00 to 99. Teer game is played twice in a day. Teer game has two rounds and is played every day except on Sunday.

How is Teer Game Played?

In Teer Game all the archers through arrows at a common target then arrows are counted. The teer game result is a number between 00-100 because only the last 2 digits of the teer result are counted. For example, if the results are 840 arrows then the teer result for the first round is 40.

If the second round result is 600 arrows then the teer result for a second round is 00. People participating have to guess the teer result before the game and if they are lucky enough to guess the result then they will win! One can also win the teer games by predicting a Teer Dream Number which could be decided either randomly or looking at the past Teer Game Results record. It totally depends on the number you choose and if you are lucky you will win Teer Game. This is how Teer Game is played in the northeast of India.

Teer Game is the most popular game played by the people in India.

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Khanapara/Guwahati Teer Result


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