Twitter is a micro-blogging website which brings you the recent trends and happenings around you and across the globe over the internet. Twitter has enabled the feature to create the live video on its platform. You can go live on Twitter, here is how you can make your own live videos.

  1. Home >Swipe Left or Click Camera from the composer.
  2. Click on live mode.
  3. Write a description if you like and then click “Go live”
    To end the session tap stop.
    If anyone whom you follow goes live on twitter it will appear on your timeline. If you don’t want to show it up on your timeline you can mute it.
    This feature of Twitter is powered by Periscope which was taken over by Twitter in 2015. We don’t need it to have on our mobile devices. It’s very much similar to Facebook live or YouTube live. You don’t need to type if you only want to streamline the only video. The people who follow you can interact with you. You can also see who has watched the video when you were live on Twitter.


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