Batteries as e-waste have environmental consequences when they are mixed up with fields. So the recycling of old batteries is important to prevent environmental hazards. The chemicals batteries contain are generally lithium and sulphuric acid which can contaminate waters and crops and eventually end up entering in our body.

Old Batteries

Instead of throwing batteries into the trash they must be recycled. Some batteries impose serious damage such as a car battery. They must be recycled to save our environment and ultimately life. As we know rechargeable batteries have heavy metals and impose AA serious danger than single-use and throw batteries because most of the single-use batteries are made up of “safer” non-heavy metals. In many cases, old batteries are recycled into other usable products.

If you’re searching for places where you can dispose of electric Batteries it would be better if you can dispose of it at any auto parts retailer shop or at any hazardous collection site. You can also drop it off to any recycling facility centers to get a recycled usable product.


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