Google has added a new tool to Gmail its email service platform. This new tool to the email service is email scheduling. From now on you don’t need to rely on any third-party apps or extension to schedule out your message. This new feature was added to Gmail as a celebration of Gmail’s 15th birthday. This service was Google’s first service after search engine. Till now Gmail user used to send scheduled emails with the help of third-party apps or extensions. The schedule email feature has been integrated into the Gmail interface now by Google.

Sometimes ago Gmail also added snooze conversation feature or set up automatic follow-up reminders. Here is how to schedule emails in Gmail whether you’re using the web browser or the Gmail mobile app. Update your Gmail app. Once this feature is available to your device compose your message as normal. If you want to schedule it from PC click the arrow next to the “Send” button, and click “schedule send.” Now set a specific date and times. For mobile, tap the three dots icon then tap on “schedule send.” A new menu will appear and you can choose when you would like to send the scheduled email. You can also edit the delivery time of the email by opening it.

This feature allows us to send an email at perfect timing by scheduling it to the perfect time. This means if you want to apply for leave on next week you can type your massage and schedule it. It will be delivered to a recipient on scheduled time.

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