Motorola confirm In an interview that they are launching a foldable phone in the market because Samsung folds releasing in April and Huawei Mate X in mid of 2019 both company releasing their foldable phones so Motorola also wants to participate in this competition of foldable phone’s. Motorola holds this foldable phone for 2019 mid smartphones event but eventually, all other company like Samsung and Huawei already announced the foldable phone so Motorola also announced the phone today and it could look like a RAZR.

In an interview they said that the design not to to to look exactly like Samsung or Huawei the design was quite different from all, the phone looks like same as RAZR but with full screen and you can fold the screen from the middle. as they are saying We are excited to see the phone.

The Motorola Make the competition tough for Samsung and Huawei. let’s see which one is the best foldable phone.


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