Improving the privacy of the user the Opera browser has added a free VPN with its Android browser. This new built-in feature of Opera VPN is totally free.

How to activate Opera free VPN:

  1. Go to Menu>Setting >Privacy>VPN
  2. An icon will appear in the address bar which can click to make it on or off.

The best of all is that it can also be used in a private window as well. It will reduce online tracking by websites. It will change the IP address of the computer to virtual IP Address, and identity of user and computer, and its location will be hard to track. The cookies asking for saving information will be blocked.

With this opera free VPN, we now will be able to safely access public WiFi without danger.

When we will search online locally it will show us local results that mean it will show us relevant results which are useful for us when we want local results like for example nearest bus stop, car cleaners in my city etc. You can set your browsing location to America, Europe, Asia or any other location set it to automatic to pick a virtual location on its own. Earlier opera had launched a different app for VPN which it closed down. But this will make user free of installing an extra app in mobile. Thus if you already use opera activate Opera free VPN or if you are not using opera you should give it a try.


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