Samsung recently has announced an 8k display driver IC that will help in data transfer speed of 4 Gbps and thin TV designs. The fast data transfer speed has helped to reduce the components required which made it lighter and efficient.
With 8k DDI consumers can see images and videos as real on large screen displays. The picture quality has increased at a stunning level. The fewer components in design have made the products bezel-less.

Thus the 8k DDI has reached industries highest intra panel interface speed of 4 Gbps by adopting companies USI-T 2.0 which doubled the speed of previous USI-T 1.0’s speed from 2Gbps.

As mentioned by Samsung the updated interface also supports a smart equalizer (EQ) feature that utilizes a two-way channel between the timing controller (TCON) and individual DDIs. The smart EQ can program all the DDIs at the same time instead of programming them one at a time, which reduced errors and size of the product.


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