Apple Pay is a feature in Apple that allows us to pay on local store or to someone else in their app quickly and easily. We can save our credit card information on Apple Wallets. Once it is saved we can send money via text messages through iMessage, pay your bills, buy movie tickets and everything that we can do with our credit card.

So what’s the benefit of Apple Pay? The benefit is we can pay without swiping our credit card because swiping card is not always safe. Our data could be easily stolen if we use a credit card. So how is Apple pay safely? Apple has a chip inside called NFC ( Near-Field Communication) which is used to send data over radio waves between two devices close to each other. Apple Pay instead of using credit card number uses a token no which is a random number generated for credit card and does not store credit card number. So if anyone gets to know the random number generated it is nothing even if you lose your phone your money is safe because Apple uses Touch ID or Face ID of the sender to send the money.

When users get paid any money by Apple Pay it is added to Apple Pay Cash which is available in the Apple Wallet App. This could be used to pay someone else, to buy something or it can be transferred to any bank account. iOS 11.2 is required to use Apple pay cash on iPad and iPhone.
How to set up Apple Pay Cash?
You can set up Apple pay cash if you use Apple ID which is associated with age of at least 13 years of age. Now setup Apple pay cash:
Setting>Wallet and Apple Pay>Apple Pay Cash>Continue>Agree.
Now setup will be ready for you automatically.


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