Chromebook is a browser-based OS which has given the third option to you besides Windows OS and Mac OS. It is the same browser we have been using. We can do all the activities which we have been doing in our chrome browser. The activities which we did outside chrome browser cannot be done here. For that, we can use a web app or mobile app. There are apps which run offline without internet as well. This Chromebook is an OS which runs your computer without Mac or Windows.

What are the features of Chromebook?  If you are wondering for the same here are the features of Chromebook which make it different from windows and Mac OS.

  1. Built-in Virus Protection
  2. Auto updated
  3. Fast operation
  4. Longer battery life.
  5. Online and offline working

When you are signed in with your Google account it is synced with your devices. This means you can just log in to any other device and can start your work from where you left even when you don’t have your own device. You can share your Chromebook and they can log in with their Google account to use their stuff. This is very helpful for those who require to work online frequently and can’t carry their laptop. Using Google Chrome OS with Google doc, Google Sheets, and other Google applications is awesome.

All the data you create is stored on the cloud, not on the hard drive that improves its performance and speed. The Chromebook is simple and cheaper than Windows and Mac. One of the best features of Chromebook is you will auto update and built-in virus protection. Regular update and maintenance are required for antivirus software and Windows OS but Chromebook OS and its built-in antivirus is automatically updated to protect from viruses and Malware from websites you visit.


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